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October 17th, 2016 Why You Should Consider Farrow & Ball For Your Next Painting Project.

As a painting contractor always looking for the best products and practices, we embrace and pride ourselves on trying new paint and methods. Living true to that statement, we decided to try Farrow and Ball paint. WOW–it is all we have to say! But why should you consider Farrow & Ball for your next painting project?

Below we are going to discuss some interesting aspects of the company and its products such as Farrow & Ball’s history, quality, and its unique and gorgeous color collection.  

FYI: Farrow & Ball also has a wide selection of wall paper.




Founded in 1946 by John Farrow and Richard Ball, Farrow and Ball is a British paint manufacturer company. Currently it has showrooms in the UK and Europe as well as in North America. 

The company was sold in the 1960s and had a few owners since. But the essence of its original owners still lives in every can of paint. 


One aspect of Farrow and Ball’s true value lies in their AMAZING color collections. F&B paint has high levels of pigment and resin binders, which creates that unmatchable color depth that only F&B paint can accomplish.

Unlike most companies which have thousands of colors, F&B has a beautifully exquisite palette of 132 colors to choose from. And because they are all factory premixed colors, you are guaranteed to get the same exact results every time you use their paint. 


F&B color depth is truly their product signature–as they put it. In addition to that unique color depth, Farrow and Ball paint has impressive coverage and touching up capabilities. So it is fair to say that F&B paint is of top, luxuries quality. 



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