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July 1st, 2014 Tips for Achieving a Quality Exterior Painting/Restoration Job

Your Exterior Painting Project:

The secret behind preserving the exterior architectural integrity of a historic (or any) home relies on the quality of the prep work performed and the products used. As a matter of a fact, a quality prep job is crucial to ensure the durability and longevity of your exterior painting project and will account for more than 50% of the total scope of work—applying the paint is the fun part.

Prepping your surfaces step-by-step:

1. Fully clean all the surfaces that will be repainted. Pressure washing is the best way to get rid of any chalky residue left behind by old paint.
2. Once all surfaces are properly cleaned, it is time for the most labor-intensive phase of any exterior painting project. A quality sanding and removal of all peeling paint are essential to ensure the durability of the paint job as a whole.
3. Repair any rotten wood with exterior two-part epoxy, and, in more severe cases, replace the rotten wood all together.

Should you use cheap paint?

NO. At Jason Bertoniere Painting Contractor, we believe in using the best products money can buy. Although with interior painting where—depending on the project—one might be able to get away with less expensive products, using cheap paint on exterior work will translate into a second paint job much, much sooner than anyone would want. Buying the best exterior paint and supplies in the market is a must. Whatever money you are saving now, you will end up having to spend triple that in the long run. Remember fixing is more costly than doing it right the first time.

How long can you expect an exterior job to last?

This is a tricky question. Weather is a house’s worst enemy. The location of your house will have great impact on the longevity of your exterior paint job. With that said, a good/quality exterior paint job should last at least ten years. After ten years it is common to start seeing signs of deterioration, in some cases more so than others.

How to maintain an exterior paint job looking its best?

1. The best way to maintain an exterior paint job looking its best is by—ready for this—simply maintaining it. After doing numerous exterior paint jobs, we have come to find that hosing your house with some sort of mild detergent, or, for better results, pressure washing every 12 to 18 months or so will help keep up the paint job on your house, especially if you see mildew or mold.

2. We always tell our clients to keep an eye out for any sort of peeling paint. At the first sign of paint peeling, a little scraping, spot priming and repainting will work wonders.

3. Once every two years or so spend one day going around your home looking for problem areas (things that you would not be able to fix yourself) and have a painting contractor fix it right away. This will be a minimal cost to you that will pay great returns in the long run.

What is the short note?

1. Prepare all of your exterior surfaces so that they are clean, dull and dry
2. Use the best products available and apply them per manufacture’s recommendations
3. Perform regular maintenance

These three things are your best bet in achieving and keeping your exterior paint job rock-solid and looking beautiful longer. The last thing to keep in mind is that you never want to cut corners when it comes to exterior painting.

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