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May 27th, 2018 Timeless New Orleans Colors


Picture this: you’re sitting on America’s oldest operating streetcar, a national historical landmark. Deep green live oak trees line the street. Sunlight beams through their branches, creating intricate shadows on the streetcar tracks. And the houses. There is nothing more historic to Uptown New Orleans than the St. Charles Avenue mansions. A sea of elegant painted brick, sculpted columns, and cast iron fences, these expansive houses have become a tourist attraction of their own. The history of these famous homes spans centuries, and over time, they have developed a timeless, only in New Orleans look.


In addition to their old Southern charm, these historical homes also nod to influences from European architectural styles. New Orleans is a historically diverse city, and the Uptown Historic District homes reflect some of these influences. Opulent, off-white homes with undertones of grey or greyish painted brick and impeccably manicured lawns evoke the grandeur of French chateaus. Warm brickwork, broad porches, and towers nod to the British Queen Anne style of architecture. Rectangular, towered homes in shades of earth tones characterize the Italianate style. And crisp, true white, columned mansions speak to Green Revivalism. Often visitors describe New Orleans as a city with a European feel, and these classy, elegant colors really create that vision.

As color specialists and New Orleanians, there are colors that will always remind us of New Orleans. These gorgeous off-whites create that classic old world New Orleans look on St. Charles Avenue. Several of these homes date back to the 1800s, each with a unique story. Many of these homeowners preserve the 19th century New Orleans feel of their homes using crisp, classic colors that evoke that timeless elegance.

Timeless New Orleans Colors:

There are several colors that make us think of New Orleans besides the obvious purple, green, and gold. These classic New Orleans off-whites speak volumes about the history New Orleans’ famous street. We often see these forever favorites in many St. Charles Avenue interiors and exteriors. Take a ride down St. Charles Avenue with us and you’ll be sure to see these timeless classics. 


OC-146 Linen White 


This favorite shade pleases decorators and homeowners alike. This  light, creamy off-white is a perfect neutral for both interiors including, trims, ceilings, and walls, as well as a classic, warm white exterior. As fresh as linen, the slightly yellow undertone adds a beautiful warmth to both interiors and exteriors activated by the St. Charles Avenue sunlight.

Linen White


OC-83 Antique White

antique white

This peachy off-white with a lavish pink undertone evokes a warm vintage feeling perfect for these historical homes. Homeowners love the classic, effortless glamour of Antique White. This classic, European look creates a beautiful background for vintage decor and furnishings indoors. And on exteriors, Antique White appears warm and rosy.


OC-145 Atrium White

Atrium white, while still in the off-white family has a soft, subtle pink undertone. This slightly cool shade has less peachy tones than Antique White, but still offers a lovely vintage pink undertone. Unlike Antique White whose peachy quality comes from both yellow and pink undertones, Atrium white leans more grey/pink. We love the stony pinkness of this cooler off-white to enhance elegant cooler toned spaces. 

atrium white




OC-141 China White

china white

This color looks particularly beautiful on home exteriors. This subtle cream shade evokes the soft, subtle sheen of fine china creating an elegant antique quality. With both subtle gold and grey undertones, China White demonstrates versatility. But when exposed to sunlight, a creaminess comes through that breaks up any dullness from the grey.


OC-17 White Dove

We CANNOT get enough of this timeless white. And neither can Uptown New Orleans homeowners who have chosen White Dove time and time again. This all-time favorite is slightly warm without yellow undertones. It has a very soft creamy undertone with a tiny pinch of gray for subtle coolness in an otherwise warm color hue. This creates an elegant exterior without the cold stoniness that comes grey tints. This creamy soft hue facilitates a warmth and freshness that perfectly captures Uptown New Orleans’ historic charm.  

white dove


OC-143 Bone White

bone white

Elegant bone white is a versatile neutral with a touch of yellow. Despite this yellow undertone, Bone White remains an soft neutral rather than a warm yellow. The subtlety of this off-white has the tone of candlelight and adds depth to detailed historical homes. What bone white lacks in crispiness it makes up for in creaminess. 




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