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June 20th, 2019 Should You Worry About Rotten Wood?

Yes, you should! This might seem a bit of an obvious and straight forward answer, but the truth of the matter is that taking care of rotten wood around your house can be easily overlooked and push to the bottom of the house project’s list. Addressing rotten wood, however, should be a top priority because if it is left unattended it will become a bigger, more costly issue very quickly.

But what causes wood to rot?

Microscopic organisms, commonly known as fungi, and moisture cause wood to decay and rot. In other words, wet and damp wood are like a buffet for fungi, which is the main and perhaps only ingredient responsible for wood decaying.

How do I know if I have a wood rotting problem? 

The good news is that most of the time fixing rotten wood is a fairly easy house project if it is addressed at the first signs of occurence. Some of the signs are (1) holes on the wood (as shown on the photo to right, which is the most visual sign and must be addressed immediately); (2) wood is damped and soft to the touch–almost as if you could pierce it through with your finger;  (3) wood discoloration; and (4) peeling paint.

What are the most common areas for wood to rot? 

The majority of the time wood tends to rot around windows, at the bottom of doors and garage doors (especially if it is exposed to rain), exposed decks, and anywhere where there could be water seepage or leaking in places like around sinks, toilets, showers, broken gutters, and roof rafters if you have loose roof shingles.  

How can I fix rotten wood? 

If the wood can be pierced through or if it feels very soft as if you could pierce right through it, you must then replace that piece of wood with a new one. If, however, the wood cannot be pierced or does not feels soft, you can then try to fix the existing piece of wood by (1) fully drying it, (2) applying a wood treating coating, (3) applying a skim coat of bondo or epoxy putty to make it look cosmetically pleasing again, and (4) applying a few coats of paint. Keep in mind though that it is not unusual for the rot to resurface in the future. 

How can I prevent wood from rotting? 

There are few preventive maintenance measures you can take to help keep wood from rotting. The easiest way is to have your painting contractor once year inspect around your windows and doors and apply new caulk where there is none. Then your painting contractor should scrape away old, failing caulk and re-caulk those areas as well and apply a coat of high quality paint around your windows and doors where the existing paint was peeling. In addition, make sure your gutters are clean and fastened correctly. Lastly, you can install awnings above exposed windows and doors to help keep water away.

How can the Jason Bertoniere team help? 

Our painters and carpenters are highly trained and experienced. In most instances, we can get to your project rather quickly so that you don’t have to look at rotten, ugly wood. You will then have piece of mind of knowing that you are taking care of your house properly and in a timely manner. Our entire team is 100% customer service so we can guarantee a wonderful, hassle-free experience.

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