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September 14th, 2016 Preservation Resource New Orleans Magazine September 2016 Issue


In partnership with Traditional Home, Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans worked side by side to host the 2016 Southern Style Showhouse Now. As some of you might know, Jason Bertoniere Painting Contractor participated in the interior painting restoration aspect of the project. Specifically, we were assigned to paint the living room, designed by Shaun Smith, of the Traditional Home Southern Style Showhouse back in May.

On a phone interview with Preservation in Print, Jason Bertoniere explains the role of painting in terms of restoration and historic preservation and the importance of combining “old painting methods” with modern techniques and trends.

The article, which was published in their September 2016 issue Keeping Old World Methods Alive, covers the changes in paint products and application techniques over the years.  In terms of restoration specifically, Preservation in Print discusses how paint product, painting techniques, and skill level are key to maintaining historic homes’ original “glory”–looking the same as they did when they were first built.

Below and above are few photos of the living room from the Tradition Home Southern Style Showhouse Now 2016. The walls, trim, and ceiling were painted with a monochromatic color scheme in high-gloss Fine Paints of Europe lacquer.  Even though this process is very labor and skill intense, and not forgiven at all, the look that can be accomplished is absolutely stunning.


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