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June 21st, 2020 Relationship Advice from a Painter

During my daily search for house-painting-related news articles (yes, I am a proud paint nerd who scours the internet and bookshelves for all things paint related), I came across a “Dear Abby” style column in The Washington Post. Seeking advice regarding an upcoming exterior home repaint, Marilyn S. shared that the process was leading to daily “cage matches” with her husband over the color choice (her words, not mine). She was in search of paint suggestions, advice around best practices, and a “referee” to help her plot a path forward with her husband on their exterior paint job. 


To me this sounds like a fantastic opportunity for Marilyn and her husband to meet in the middle and compromise. I’m talking about the best type of compromise where they both win, not one where they both forfeit their happiness for the sake of keeping the peace. One such arrangement is for the pair to choose a more classic color for the house. Mariyln can invite her husband, who prefers a more “vanilla” type of color, to take the lead on this (remember, her words, not mine). He can pick out a few color options that look sharp on the house, but that doesn’t get the neighborhood talking too much.  

As a trade off, Marilyn can select a few bold color options for the front door. Inspiration abounds on Pinterest, Youtube, and Instagram (#doorsofinstagram), and in consultation with the professionals at the local paint store. I’d also recommend asking a local Fine Paints of Europe certified painter to complete samples of Holandlac Brilliant 98. A bold tint with this marine quality, high gloss paint makes for a stunning front door that will have the neighbors taking detours just to see the door again and again.

Keep in mind, we are located in New Orleans, so we embrace all things bold and festive! If you want to discuss anything painting-related (really, anything painted related) or if you are in the area and would like a free quote, we would love to hear from you. Reach us at (504)239-1302. For pictures of beautiful front doors or check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

To read the full The Washington Post article, please click here

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