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April 12th, 2018 Favorite Benjamin Moore Whites That Are Not The Same Old, Same Old

As color specialists, we often find ourselves looking for unique variations on the classics. A crisp, beautiful white dazzles in any space, but not all whites are created equal. We have talked about the top 5 Benjamin Moore whites in the past, and these shades are certainly popular for a reason; they’re beautiful and timeless. But when it comes to choosing the best color for your unique space, we want to ensure a perfect fit. When choosing a perfect white, undertone is critical. A warm undertone can make your space appear sunnier, while a cool undertone creates a more dusky, regal space. Here are a few of our favorite whites that break the status quo and deliver beautiful results.

Favorite Off-Whites 

Over the past recent years, the go-to whites have been and still are OC-17 White Dove, OC-130 Cloud White, and OC-20 Decorators White. Truly 3 of our favorites! BUT if you are looking to venture outside these 3 beautiful whites, the list below will be your guiding compass for your next painting project. Enjoy!

Benjamin Moore Whites


OC-09 Ballet White

OC-09 Ballet White

Also known as Ballet White, this color’s earthy undertones keep this light creamy beige subtle and warm. Fondly described as a “chameleon color” ballet white adapts beautifully  to changing natural lighting  throughout the day . With undertones of yellow, orange and red, OC-09 falls towards warm/ neutral, but balances out nicely with grey and brown. Ballet White’s neutrality pairs well both silky warm colors and calming cool tones. 

OC-13 Soft Chamois

OC-13, or Soft Chamois, lives with OC-09 in the soft beige family. The color is a subdued milky beige with warm undertones.  Lying somewhere between gold and grey, Soft Chamois takes on an almost wet cement-like quality in the right lighting. Closer to true white than OC-09, this  light beige still falls into the neutral color category. Soft Chamois pairs well with both warmer gold tones and cooler greys because it includes both in its base. 

Oc-13 soft chamois

OC-20 Pale Oak White

OC 20 pale oak white

Also known as Pale Oak White, OC-20 evokes the majestic white oak tree with slightly darker tones than the previous Benjamin Moore off-whites.  This beige-grey fits well into a neutral space proving itself very versatile. The color falls between a grey and beige, but unlike other “greige” colors, a faint pink undertone warms the grey and balances out the color. In a space with ample natural light, this color will provide a subtle off-white warmth to your space.  The color appears more grey in rooms with organic sunshine.

OC-23 Classic Grey

OC-23, or Classic Grey, falls into the greyer end of the off-white spectrum. Although OC-23 leans grey as its name indicates, the color contains enough additional warm undertones to create a neutral look.  Paired with warmer lighting, the more neutral tones will shine through and mask any blueness that often accompanies greys.  Classic Grey falls farther from pure white than some of the others on this list, which creates a beautiful contrast when the two pair together. 

oc-23 classic grey

OC-27 Balboa Mist

oc-27 Balboa Mist

Balboa Mist White is a near-neutral warm grey/beige color with slight pinkish purple overtones that create what some describe as an almost lavender feel.  These tones appear much more pronounced in spaces with ample natural light, as this chameleon color shifts with changing brightness. In the grey family, the combination of slight warm undertones allows this space to create a soft, warm feeling and may even hint at lavender with changing lights of the day.

OC-32  Tapestry Beige

Tapestry beige, while still in the “greige” family leans more towards beige than OC-27 or OC-20. However, despite the dull connotation of beiges, this color stuns and delights. The grey undertone cancels out any yellow in the beige and creates an elegant and subtle beige look that’s far from dull. Of all the beige tones, Tapestry beige embodies sophistication and versatility.

 OC-32 Tapestry Beige

OC-45 Swiss Coffee

OC-45 Swiss Coffee

Towards the whiter end of the spectrum, OC-45, or Swiss Coffee, evokes the creaminess and warmth of a rich cup of steamed milk. Swiss Coffee is the perfect off-white because it creates a warm feeling without the harsh yellow or green undertones often present in off-whites. Not quite a beige or grey, Swiss Coffee creates a truly off-white space. OC-45 pairs well with cool colors to offset its natural warmth. 


OC-84 Creme Caramel

The only fully warm tone on the list, OC-84, also known as Creme Caramel perfectly captures the silky richness of warm caramel. Still an off-white, the pink undertones in this shade offer incredible warmth to a space. This rosy off-white pairs beautifully with rich, warm tones like chocolate brown or terra cotta. The warm homey feel of this color creates a bright and cozy space, but this beautiful off-white still achieves a high level of elegance. 

OC-84 Creme Caramel


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