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August 26th, 2018 7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Painters

Are you trying to decide whether you should take on that painting project you have been meaning to start for months, or whether you should hire professional painters? We understand! There are benefits to both. But as professional painters, and color specialists who have been working in the Greater New Orleans area for decades, we may be biased. In fact, one company took a poll and found that one out of every five people who paint on their own end up hiring a professional in the end. Here are 7 more surprising reasons why you should hire professional painters. 


1. Saves you Time

Do you love spending days hopping from paint store to paint store trying to find the perfect shade for your space, decking yourself out in your finest throwaway clothes for weeks, priming, sanding, and filling holes in all of your walls, covering everything you care about in layers of blue tape, and spending time after a busy workday painting? Well we do–it’s our business. As professional painters, we have decades of experience and a dedicated and highly-skilled team of artists who can complete your painting project in a fraction of the time it would take to paint on your own. We operate around your work schedule, coming into your space only whenever convenient for you. We even do the clean-up so you don’t have to!

2. Saves you Money

If you’ve ever completed a DIY project, you know that pesky incidentals rack up your budget quickly. Purchasing painting equipment that you may only use once? Cleaning up after a nasty paint spill? We use only the highest quality paints and have invested in state-of-the-art tools that will provide the freshest, longest, lasting, and most even coat of paint as quickly as possible to save you both time and money. In the long-term, a professional painter knows which products will last the longest and even which colors are best for future resale value.  

3. Fewer Costly Mistakes

Worried about your priceless family heirlooms getting destroyed during painting? Or your expensive flooring? Prep work is a task on its own, and done improperly, could lead to expensive mistakes. Before the painting process begins, we can power wash, fill holes, sand, prime, remove important appliances, and cover all vulnerable surfaces. As professional painters, we have learned to expect the unexpected and if any problems arise, Jason Bertoniere, Inc. has a solution. And insurance. So if a mistake does occur, we’re covered. In addition, painting can be dangerous. Having our insured painters reaching the tightest corners of your ceiling keeps you safe from any accidents. Although painting yourself may save money initially, fixing mistakes or treating accidental injuries could end up costing more than a professional.  

4. We’re Old in a Good Way

Creating and restoring beauty is what we do. Jason Bertoniere, Inc. does things the “old” way. We apply and implement the same painting techniques and craftsmanship that painters used over fifty years ago while introducing modern products, styles, and trends.  Jason has been in the painting business since 1998, and during the past 20 years has discovered the best, time-tested methods and materials. This means we know how to enhance the beauty of your historic home using techniques that will highlight the architecture of your space. We put time and detail into our work, using the best quality paints, supplies, and techniques to both transform and preserve your space. 

5. We’re Fine Paints of Europe Certified 

In order to create beautiful finishes like these— believe it or not– you have to pass a test. Fine Paints of Europe nominated us as “a professional of good character” to use their products. Fine Paints of Europe also requires a minimum of five years of experience working with their products. We have been working with the incredible Fine Paints of Europe company for years and can provide you with this stunning quality paint as one of the only certified Fine Paints of Europe painters in Lousiana. If you hire professional painters, you can impress with these gorgeous paints in your home. Imported all of the way from Holland, these incredible paints offer the highest quality formulas in the industry. The gorgeous, mirror-like high gloss finish transforms normal space into something stunning and sophisticated. 

6. We’re a One-Stop-Shop

Do you have a lot to paint? Like a whole LOT? Interior, exterior, trim, doors, cabinetry? Instead of hiring a bunch of different contractors and doing some of the work yourself,  we can do it all. If you choose to hire professional painters, we have the tools to carry your project out from start to finish. We paint walls, trim, ceilings, cabinetry, doors, and frames, so we can completely refresh your interior space. On the exterior we can cover the base color, shutters, any trim, and intricate detail work. We can create modern looks or preserve character in historical homes. We have the tools to start and finish your project, all you need is an artistic vision and we’ll bring it to life. 

7. We’re Color Experts 

As color experts we can help you easily pick out the perfect color for your space. We know which undertones will pop with your natural lighting. Our expert designers know which colors are “in” right now and can help you add value to your home. We also know which colors will help you sell, and which colors will accentuate your furnishings.  Inside, we can find the perfect color to make your cabinets pop, or find your perfect shade of trim. On the exterior, we also have experience matching shutters to exterior paint. We know the importance of a color in warming up, toning down, or brightening your space. Our experience putting colors on a variety of different spaces ensures that we will find the perfect one for your space. If you hire professional painters, you can ensure expert color advice. 


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