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August 30th, 2017 Fine Paints Of Europe High-Gloss Frenzy

As the Fine Paints of Europe high gloss frenzy continues to grow all over the country, the unique and beautiful architecture of  New Orleans’ homes offers ideal spaces to explore this fun, rich, and sophisticated look.  When people walk in a room that has Fine Paints of Europe high gloss, there never fails to be an unanimous “WOW.”

Why do we go into a frenzy over Fine Paints of Europe high gloss?

1. Mirror-like finish.

We all love shinny things. Remember back when we were all children, and we always wanted the latest shinny toy?  Well, it is not much different now that we are all grown-up. Fortunately, you can get your “shinny” fix with Fine Paints of Europe high gloss. This mirror-like finish allows you to see your own reflection on the wall (see photos below). It is truly a pristine, perfect shine. When properly applied, the walls, ceilings, and trim look like glass –it is impossible not to be obsessed with this finish.

2. Durability & Maintenance.

Fine Paints Of Europe high gloss, formally known as FPE HOLLANDLAC Brilliant, is a marine quality paint. Unlike domestic paints, it has no fillers or extenders, which translates into an extremely durable paint job. Its ease of cleanliness is another added benefit to this product as it is virtually free of maintenance. Homeowners can clean surfaces with FPE by simply using warm water or any kind of cleaner since pretty much nothing with permanently attach itself to the surface–a big plus here if you have young children and/or pets.

3. Color.

With three times more colorant than domestic paint, it is no surprise how rich and deep Fine Paints of Europe colors are. You can select colors from one of their amazing color collections (http://www.finepaintsofeurope.com/color_guidance.aspx). Our two favorite Fine Paints of Europe color collections are Guggenheim Color and the Designer Collections.  Or you can also match any color you want if you have a local paint supplier house who sells Fine Paints near you.

4. Does it go with any style?

Aside from the mirror-like finish, our second favorite feature of Fine Paints of Europe High Gloss is its versatility. We often talk about letting your creative side come to life. You cannot go wrong with this look. From traditional to modern, from mild tones and shades to wild colors, everything and anything looks stunning.

5. Where in my house should I have this look?

As a homeowner you can have this look anywhere in your house.  Our customers, however, mainly prefer this effect in dining rooms, foyers, powder rooms, front doors, and furniture. Use your imagination and Fine Paints of Europe Hollandlac Brilliant can be your unique style. 

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