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Fine Paints Europe


Historically, European painters have been looked at as true artisans.  Continuing that artistic concept, people in Europe still take pride in the painting of their homes.  They choose painters who will not only provide lasting quality to their homes but will also exhibit, showcase, and accentuate their beauty and architectural designs through painting by experienced and reputable professionals.

In 1987 Fine Paints of Europe introduced Dutch enamels to America, a product with no fillers or extenders and three times more colorant than domestic paint. Imported from Holland, this colorant is a paste formulated from the finest ingredients, resulting in amazing and lasting coverage and rich colors.  Indeed, this is a luxury product sought after by discriminating homeowners who want to highlight their homes and/or the architectural history of their unique designs and who desire the lasting beauty and distinctive color Fine Paints of Europe provides.



Fine Paints of Europe MASTER Certified Contractor

Because the application of these coatings require painters with high levels of expertise and substantial experience, Fine Paints of Europe created the Certified Painters Program and the Master Certified program as a way for people to know who are the best applicators in their local areas.

How did Jason Bertoniere, Inc become a certified contractor?

Jason Bertoniere, Inc. first had to be nominated by a Fine Paints local retailer and prove “to be a professional of good character” as they explain it on their website.  Fine Paints of Europe also requires a minimum of five years of experience working with their products.  Once these prerequisites are met, it is time to pack!

The nominated painting contractors then attend a training session in Woodstock, Vermont. During this part of the certification process, select contractors learned all about Fine Paints of Europe products, as well as the best applications for each of them

We are now MASTER certified! 

In November 2018 we became one of the thirteen Fine Paints of Europe MASTER certified painters in the United States, and the only Master Certified painting company in Louisiana. We are incredibly proud to be part of this elite class of skilled artisans and to represent such high quality paint products.

What does this mean to you?

This is an excellent, informative way for clients to know that a certified contractor is a well-established company with many, many years of experience. It also informs clients that they are dealing with reputable and accountable painters, since one must prove one’s worthiness before even being nominated. In other words, it means that you, your family, and your project are in good hands….



2015 FPOE certification class



Fine Paints of Europe


Images Below: High-gloss Fine Paints of Europe were applied to a beautiful stairwell.



Images Below: Black Fine Paints of Europe with a Satin sheen were applied to the windows.

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