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October 30th, 2018 Exterior Accent Colors: Your 2019 Guide to Painting Boldly

You heard it here first, neutrals are in! Studies show that houses painted grey are more likely to sell than their bolder-hued counterparts, and sell for over listing price. Color us intrigued! With Metropolitan AF-690, an elegant classic grey, recently named Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2019, we know for sure, that grey is the color of 2019. With so many versatile shades of grey, it’s easy to stay within that color scheme–it goes with everything! But when your home is the fourth neutral in a row on your block, it’s time to spice things up and make your space stand out. Contrary to popular belief, you can use both neutrals and bold shades in the same space. Here are some of the best exterior accent colors and ways to incorporate them into your home exterior. 

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Exterior Accent Colors: Color Guide


A bright yellow shade contrasts beautifully with a deep neutral exterior and adds a sunny, uplifting quality that can lift your exterior from drab to double-take worthy. Bright shades like yellow look beautiful on modern and historic homes alike. Depending on the main color of your home, bring out the warm or cool undertones of your neutral exterior with opposite undertones or stick to a bright primary. 


Blues can create a variety of statements on your exterior based on the shade. We love bright ceruleans against a steely grey or aquatic shades on lakefront or seaside homes. Blues universally add market value, and the variety of shades from pure blue to blended shades of teal and aqua allow you incredible versatility. 

Red/ Orange

Vibrant reds and oranges create a BOLD statement, making your front door a showstopper. These shades can be both cheery and strong. Oranges mesh beautifully with contemporary homes while deep reds bring out classic beauty in older structures. 


Despite white’s ability to match with any other color, we do not classify it as a neutral. In fact, a stark, true neutral white such as Benjamin Moore’s OC-17 White Dove can create a beautifully stark contrast with any exterior accent shade. Particularly with deeper neutral tones like Metropolitan AF-690, a bright white will create a bold accent on any accent area from shutters to trim, garage doors, to your front door. 


The most regal shade on the color wheel, a deep purple looks stunning on historical homes. A favorite of the Victorian era, shades from deep mauve to light lavender look stunning against stony grays or natural stonework. An uncommon front door color, purple helps you stand out from the crowd while keeping your exterior classy and bold.


Like white, when it comes to paint colors, black is nothing neutral. Bold black creates DRAMA. We love boldly adding black accent colors to exteriors. In historical homes, black accent colors create a beautifully bold overall look with black hardware. In more modern homes, black brings out strong architectural finishes. Our favorite way to incorporate black into home exteriors is with high gloss Fine Paints of Europe shades for heightened dramatic effect. 


Where to Add Exterior Accent Colors

Front Door

If you want your home to exude boldness, look no further than your front door. Adding a hyper-pigmented shade to your home’s entryway is the easiest, most dramatic way to make your home’s exterior pop. The first place people see when they enter your home, a bold front door can dramatically alter the mood of your home, in addition to curb appeal. Different exterior accent colors can project different sentiments. Invite guests in with cheerful yellow shade. Create a sense of calm with a soft blue-green shade. Or show off your flair for the dramatic with a rich, high gloss black front door. Bold front doors also add value to your home.

Exterior blue door


exterior accent colors

Often overlooked, cladding provides a unique place for bold accent colors. Cladding is the aluminum wrap on exterior window frames. Cladding comes in every color of the rainbow. If you want to use bold shades without to committing to a hyper-pigmented front door or shutters, make your windows pop with vibrant cladding. Although one of the more subtle places to add color, this unique placement adds enough visual contrast to draw your eye towards particularly beautiful windows. 


Not only do shutters add a great canvas for exterior accent colors, they also enhance the character of historic homes. Particularly on old-American styles of homes, these shutters facilitate a vintage look. Pick any color for an easy pop of color. At Jason Bertoniere Painting we focus on all aspects of an exterior paint job, from siding, to trim, shutters and doors. A bold new coat of paint can increase your home’s curb appeal and bring new life into a drab exterior.

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