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About Jason Bertoniere Painting Contractor


Through painting and decorating, it is our sole purpose to provide you with the appearance, protection, and ease of maintenance that every homeowner hiring a painting contractor deserves.


Jason Bertoniere, Inc. does things the "old" way. We apply and implement the same painting techniques and craftsmanship that painters used over fifty years ago while introducing modern products, styles, and trends.

Jason, the owner, was born and raised in New Orleans. He is a Tulane graduate who has been in the painting business since 1998. At the age of seventeen, he started working in elegant homes located in the Uptown New Orleans area. Because homes in this area of town are by nature architecturally rich and over a hundred years old, they require a high level of expertise and craftsmanship. Understanding these homes and their homeowners are key elements in successfully delivering the outstanding final product and WOW element. Working in these homes from day one and apprenticing under true craftsmen from the 60s and 70s era, Jason learned how to perform this rewarding craft the “right” way. What truly separates Jason from the typical painting contractor is his eye for detail, expertise, and his desire to give his customers a unique painting experience.

Over time, Jason's focus evolved into a serious and conscientious business, what has now become Jason Bertoniere, Inc.--"Creating and restoring beauty," the combination of drywall and interior/exterior painting, decorating, restoration and new construction projects.

Our painters are highly specialized, skilled, and well known for their expertise. Our painters care and are truly passionate about painting. They see themselves as artisans. The artisans of Jason Bertoniere, Inc. are fully screened and insured. And, they are always nicely dressed, polite and on time.


Interior Painting.

Exterior Painting.

Drywall--Specializing on level-5-finish.

Decorative Finishes.